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Things to Do in Commerce Texas

It is no secret that the fun and excitement of the summer are reserved for just a few days. Spring and Summer have become synonymous with fun-filled parties, outdoor concerts, romantic dinners, and weekend getaways. But as the months progress and as spring approaches, those memories are sure to grow cold and memories become much more subdued.

For families who may have gotten a little too all of the sudden after the earlier months of summer, it may be a welcome change for them to think about some of the things to do in Commerce Texas before the busy summer ends. Before you are forced to attend another party, get together, or jam out at the beach on July 4th. The sooner you begin planning these events, the better off you will be.

Let’s start with one of the most popular places to go if you want to unwind and spend a relaxing day.

Hunt Lake, which can be found just west of College Station, is one of the top draws to this area. The town is located just off of Interstate Highway-73 and it is easy to travel from Austin to attend any events held in the area.

Once you have experienced the thrill of hunting in Texas, it will be hard to imagine your life without this unique experience. The hunt includes hunting on a trap range, hunting for game on land and on water, and hunting of all kinds. There are also plenty of exotic and regular animal hunts that can be taken as well.

Outdoor concerts take place every weekend throughout the summer, and they can also be found in Commerce Texas.

But the events run throughout the month, so make sure you check out any big events that are going on. Many of the town’s restaurants and bars offer great food, along with drink specials.

Entertainment can be found at many venues throughout the community. Music lovers of all ages are able to attend events throughout the year, with events such as weddings, comedy shows, and the occasional sporting event. The Town of Commerce Texas is home to a full spectrum of entertainment for any type of person.

If you love shopping, you are sure to find many new stores, a few old favorites, and plenty of new options in Sofas & More, a popular location. Situated at 1001 N. River Rd., the store features a variety of items for men, women, and children. Sofas & More is an amazing venue, where customers can browse through all types of furniture, bedding, and other items.

If you like to eat, you are sure to find a wide variety of dining options in the area as well. In fact, there are three restaurants that are placed in the Walnut Creek area. You will find a variety of Tex-Mex eateries and plenty of restaurants that specialize in dishes from Mexico.

One place that is well known for its unique locations and activities is the Firecracker Theater. This popular theater will entertain visitors for hours with live performances. These dates can include classic and contemporary performances.

The town of Commerce Texas boasts an incredible selection of craftsmen and other artists. From tapestries to pottery, prints to pottery, the market is teeming with goods and treasures. If you enjoy art, you will find many interesting treasures within the town.

If you enjoy dancing, the town’s specialty has always been live music. Dancers and bands from all over the world have gathered at various locations in the town. If you have ever wanted to see a show, now is the perfect time to do so.