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Texas A&M Commerce Football – Just What the New Coach Needs

Aggie Commerce Football is all about C, or maybe it is a D. The Aggies are not the only team in Texas A&M to be well represented on the field. Their opponents include No. 4 ranked Stanford and No. 3 ranked Texas.

Tony Carter is coming off a career year with A&M. He is one of the most experienced Aggies on the team and has been the Defensive MVP for the last two years.

With a strong DL and a quick turn around for his quarterback he should lead the Aggies to a strong season. What do I know?

The San Antonio Rattlers is also the least known of the Texas A&M members. They have had some good seasons and put up some very good numbers in the Southern Conference but haven’t made much noise on the national level.

Tony Carter is the big name on this team, and that is an understatement. Carter started his career at Texas Tech and now plays for A&M and was an All American from 2020 through 2020.

Carter’s biggest problem is passing. He can get the ball to the Quarterback but his offensive line needs to be improved. The Rattlers are one of the worst teams in the league, so the margin for error is slim.

There are a lot of similarities between A&M and Texas Tech, a lot more than you would expect from a team of that caliber.

The Aggies did not fare well in their last games against Stanford and this Texas A&M Conference Champion should do much better.

Steve Thorpe is going to be one of the players to watch this season. He’s one of the most underrated players in the entire country.

It will be interesting to see if the Aggies can handle what is expected to be a very strong Stanford team this season. If they don’t then Texas A&M will be set up for a big season.

Tony Carter is the one player who could make the Aggies popular for the first time in a long time. He might get hurt early in the season so be ready for a breakout year.

Tony Carter is a freak of nature. He is physically gifted, has a powerful running game and can cover a lot of ground. If he can stay healthy, the offense will be extremely explosive.

Aggie Commerce Football seems destined to be one of the most exciting seasons ever played by A&M. They are expected to have a great defense, a great quarterback and a great running game with the returning Thorpe.