Young girl and a boy on a horse listening to instructions of her horseback riding instructor; stables and woody mountains in the background; Colorado, USA

Summer Texas Activities

Texas activities range from cowboying to hunting and fishing to the art of Tex-Mex.

Texas State Parks offers many types of activities for the entire family, while Texas rodeos and rodeo contests and Texas rifle shooting provide an activity for the seasoned hunter. Texas is the home of so many things you can enjoy during your stay that it’s easy to find Texas activities that will keep you busy and interested.

While Texas has a number of attractions for all ages, it also has many activities for kids.

There are many activities specifically for children in Texas that parents and grandparents can enjoy. Some of the activities include special educational programs, community events, game rooms, museums, flea markets, and sports. There are so many different activities available in Texas that it’s hard to decide which one to include in your itinerary.

Children can find many great Texas activities at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, a huge three-day concert featuring music and entertainment from artists such as Brad Paisley, Ricky Skaggs, Billy Ray Cyrus, Boyz II Men, John Fogerty, Duran, and many more. This festival offers a variety of concerts that includes a live rock band, a jazz ensemble, a reggae quartet, and children’s musical acts. At the event, guests can hear speeches by some of the musicians who perform at the festival and attend a special fundraiser to benefit various charities and organizations.

Fun activities for a child’s interests may be found at festivals held by Children’s Research Hospital. Festivities are free and available to the public and include activities for all ages. Children can participate in the fall carnival, dance parties, food and fun games, and shopping for their own costumes. Kids can also join the circus, play in the sand and mud, visit nature, and attend the wake or funeral of a long time friend or family member.

Kids in Texas should have plenty of places to visit with activities they are sure to love and will look forward to attending. You can make sure your child has great Texas activities by making his or her trip well planned out. Consider the type of activities your child is interested in, and then take advantage of several different Texas activities to ensure everyone gets plenty of time to enjoy themselves.

One of the most common activities for children is horseback riding.

There are many areas throughout Texas, where horseback riding is popular. Horseback riding provides a gentle way to ride with kids and offers the opportunity to visit a wide variety of locations including historical landmarks, state parks, local farms, and historical spots throughout the area. In addition, horseback riding is a good way to keep kids active and in shape.

At the numerous Texas rodeos and rodeo contests held in the state each year, there are several things you can do for the whole family. At the rodeo, fans can see horses in various types of competitions such as jumping, dressage, quarter horsemanship, and figure four riding. Fans can even watch contests such as barrel racing, barrel racing jumping, and the Beauty and the Beast barrel race.

The Texas cattlemen attend these events as well to watch their prized cattle being corralled and saddled for a ride or a race. The event offers some of the largest and best prizes for the cowboys and cowgirls in the field. Of course, there are other types of cattle events, as well. Texas cowboy rodeos are in demand throughout the year, and there are also art shows, farm fairs, and great foods.

Children enjoy going to flea markets. It’s an exciting way to find rare items while being able to find an activity you can enjoy with the whole family. Flea markets in Texas vary widely, and some have big booths filled with booths selling a variety of home decor items while others are more focused on general merchandise. There are many vendors from which to choose to fill your shopping needs, including local artists, food, clothing, gift items, jewelry, accessories, home furnishings, household items, stationery, books, and gifts, and many more.

Texas gun lovers can find something to stimulate their minds at the Texas Rifle Association’s Excalibur Ranch Range. This event is a combination target range and shooting range. that is enjoyed by both new and seasoned shooters alike. The team competition matches the real life competition of an actual gun fight between rivaling the battles of World War I and World War II.